Seasonal Activity

Daxi Camellia Season

Event Content:

  1. There is greenhouse camellia exhibition, you can purchase home on site.
  2. On weekends, there are nine farming activities and DIY activities to attend.
  3. There is shuttle bus from the exhibition to wild boar lake for you to enjoy the natural landscape (the first 100 people check-in during weekends can get free camellia flower seedlings)……

About This Area

It has rich and diverse landscape, ecological, cultural and agricultural resources, such as vast rice farmland, vast Dahanxi riverbed landscape, century-old ditch with fish and shrimps, beautiful ponds, national estate “Li Tengfang ancient house”, etc. This rural area is not as popular as the old street, but it is lively everywhere.


Look for accommodation?

You can only find great accommodation with elegant interior design and spacious room in Yueh-Mei Leisure Agriculture Area.

Look for good view?

Professional orchid gardening and pine gardening, each of the plant is cultivated by each owner with the most sincerity, all for the fleeting beauty.

Look for delicious food?

Traditional Hakka cuisine with improved taste of less oil and less salt for a heathier life style.